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I have been to other seminars and thought the information was covered. But, it wasn't really explained or taught. There was also some information that was deemed not needed. That is so untrue. Everything is relevant and if you understand the basic principles of ultrasound physics, the rest is a lot ....... Read More

Deanna Turner

VTVen2: Thrombi Part 1

This lecture is the first of a two part series on deep vein thrombosis. Uniquely presented by Steven R. Talbot, RVT, FSVU, the first vascular technologist to discover the technique and application of venous imaging, this lecture begins with a review of the pathophysiology and mechanisms of venous disease. By understanding the factors contributing to the formation of venous thrombosis and embolus, characterization of acute and chronic thrombus becomes much easier. A review of venous anatomy includes microscopic anatomy and upper and lower venous vessels, and veins of the thorax, abdomen and pelvis. Venous protocols, vein mapping technique and diagnostic criteria is discussed. Module length: Core concepts 1 hours 15 minutes plus 57 minutes customized review.

This module is included in the complete Venous Review or can be purchased separately.

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