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Mr. Miele, since I have taken your class, I have gained so much knowledge and thorough understanding of ultrasound physics and instrumentation. Thank you for your outstanding lecture and your books and your dedication to thorough teaching. You have made me a better sonographer. I now have no ....... Read More

Manjula Chakilum

Breast Ultrasound - Module 5: Benign Breast Conditions

Module 5 focuses on benign breast conditions beginning with an overview of the formation of breast cysts, fibrocystic changes, and associated solid-appearing nodules. The clinical features and sonographic appearance of simple cysts is discussed with an emphasis on galactoceles, sebaceous cysts, puerperal mastitis, abscesses, periductal mastitis, and Mondor’s disease. The section on Breast Trauma includes a discussion of hematomas, seromas, fat necrosis, and Weber-Christian disease.

Core Concepts: 90 min
Focus Session: 70 min

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