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I have been to other seminars and thought the information was covered. But, it wasn't really explained or taught. There was also some information that was deemed not needed. That is so untrue. Everything is relevant and if you understand the basic principles of ultrasound physics, the rest is a lot ....... Read More

Deanna Turner

Breast Ultrasound - Module 6: Benign Solid Breast Masses

Beginning with a discussion of the mammographic and sonographic features of fibroadenoma, pattern variations, and juvenile fibroadenoma, this module focuses on a variety of solid breast masses. Other topics include secretory adenoma, intraductal papilloma, nipple adenoma, papillomatosis, intracystic papilloma , lipoma, hamartoma, and benign mimickers of cancer. The module concludes with an overview of mammary fibrosis, diabetic mastopathy, sclerosis adenosis, and granular cell tumors.

Core Concepts: 60 min
Focus Session: 45 min

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